03 Nov 2015

kadodl creative services brandingNew branding for Kadodl Creative Services (KCS.) Look for this logo and the new ReSorcerer product line debuting this month.

I started kacadodl with a grandeous master plan in 2007 and have been working on small slices of the pie ever since. In the process I learned alot, revised and shifted focus. Recently I did an inventory of my websites and social media. My finding were 4 websites and countless social media accounts. Needless to say... somethings gotta give. I am taking my mom's advice to try and scale it down... and focus!

So my new montra is from a quote by Jeff Koons, American artist. I'll never forget what he said in an interview I saw on TV. Koons was ask about his art and what inspires him... he said you only have to do three things:  "Trust. Follow. Focus."

So that is what I am going to do :)

Previously I followed my passion for green and developed kacadodl, the central IL green resource that brings all things together that relate to sustainability and the green movement. I started Kadodl Creative Services to provide many services that promote and engage in sustainable ideas.

Today I introduce ReSorcerer! My new product line that has a goal to create fun, decorative and even purposeful items from recycled fabric and found items. Hope you love that it is made in Peoria, IL. Reuse of materials and keeping it local is part of my mission to create, promote and engage in sustainable ideas.

Stay tuned for our debut product GlowDanna.

iB Sandy

22 Jun 2015

NEW Peoria Local Food Facebook page... LIKE us to join the food conversation.

29 Apr 2015

solar monitoringI guess you can tell I been on a solar kick lately... Just found this interesting page on The Muny website. Every year my mom and I go to the Muny in St. Louis...an outdoor theater. So I was checking out the line-up for this season and notice, Muny Green. I am always interested in what companys and organizations are doing to conserve, recycle etc. 

The Muny now has solar panels... 20kw wow! I know it is hard to visualize the amount of power a solar panel makes and what you are saving in CO2 etc. So the Muny has a page on their website that gives real- time energy monitoring.  Check it out: http://www.munysolar.com/

Other news this week...

Dodl, our intrepid mascot helped pick up trash for "Keep Peoria Beautiful" Week. Just a small part in recycling and keeping our city nice.peoria beautiful day

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