29 Apr 2015

solar monitoringI guess you can tell I been on a solar kick lately... Just found this interesting page on The Muny website. Every year my mom and I go to the Muny in St. Louis...an outdoor theater. So I was checking out the line-up for this season and notice, Muny Green. I am always interested in what companys and organizations are doing to conserve, recycle etc. 

The Muny now has solar panels... 20kw wow! I know it is hard to visualize the amount of power a solar panel makes and what you are saving in CO2 etc. So the Muny has a page on their website that gives real- time energy monitoring.  Check it out: http://www.munysolar.com/

Other news this week...

Dodl, our intrepid mascot helped pick up trash for "Keep Peoria Beautiful" Week. Just a small part in recycling and keeping our city nice.peoria beautiful day

16 Apr 2015

In January kacadodl planned news features of solar, but as winter takes hold...it postpones even well laid plans. But we are rolling now. 

I attended a Solar install in East Peoria this week. StraightUp Solar had a full crew at Carol and Dave Bullocks East Peoria home. It is the first of two installs in central IL this week. We watched the crew to see first hand the process of clean solar energy coming to rooftops in our area. The whole family had a front row seat to the event. :)

Look for a exciting step by step install video to come: along with indepth interview with home owners and family, details from lead installer, myths demistified and more.

14 Apr 2015

Rise and shine... redesign. Today, learn two ways to engage in the world conversation.
The bubble has burst… everyone is heightened to the fact that our resources are precious and begging the question: how do we plan for our future of seven to nine billion people by mid-century? Win a trip to Milan... and help create a movie about food

Kacadodl is a locally focused site, but we live in a global world. I found a couple ways to engage in the world conversation at the upcoming Expo 2015. This year the world's fair is in Milan, Italy, starting in May and runs through October. "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is the fair theme." Milano 2015 will talk about the problems of nutrition and the resources of our planet.

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    Great opportunity 4 central IL 2 attend the IRA/ILCSWMA/SWANA joint conference on waste management & sustainability. http://t.co/SFDll6YHLC
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