11 Sep 2016

I love the farm to table concept. In fact, I now cook that way Spring to Fall. We have a fairly large garden and I discovered each year as the produce comes in… that is you have to do something with it. Yikes! Originally like most gardens we had cucumbers and tomatoes. Then we graduated to green beans and peppers. This year: ditto previous and broccoli, cabbage, leeks, two kinds of kale, chard, spring greens, beets and a few herbs. We even grew kohlrabi. It is an adventure trying to find out how to cook and utilize the fresh pickens of the day. For many years I disliked cooking … it was a chore. Now, I feel very fortunate to eat fresh, delicious, creations every day.

21 Jul 2016

I am excited! It is a great feeling when you have a genuine excitement for something and I am excited about TEA. I never dreamed tea could offer so many wonderful flavors. It is one of those things you don’t know what you’re missing until you experience it… then your like OMG.

I was happy to discover a new direct marketed tea company, Steeped Tea. Loose, organic, natural, healthy, sustainably and ethically grown tea. Wow, knowing all that made me smile and I hadn’t even tried the tea yet.

06 Jun 2016

Ten years ago when I started thinking more and more about conserving resources and sustainability issues my mind would wonder and I envisioned many things differently. In my research to learn... I discovered people that were way ahead of the curve in sustainability thinking and action. I also discovered Peoria was way behind. 

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    :( why do I hear of this after event "Warehouse Dist improvemt saluted 'party with a purpose" https://t.co/iCN8XJtRo1
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    RE-inventing my brand... stay tuned for exciting changes! Thanks to #calvinwayman Fish Out of Water & our session: Deep Dive Social Media
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    love @marcuslemonis The Elevator Pitch | Episode 2 https://t.co/amKJSmTMIN via @YouTube
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    Family Tradition Some of our local farmers are part of a long tradition, past down through the generations. Learn more about local food and farmers...


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